Martin Porcheron

Researcher at the University of Nottingham

iOS 11 Smart Invert: Telling Safari not to invert images

Written by Martin Porcheron on Monday November 20, 2017

Here marks the first foray into non-opninion 'blogging' since the relaunch. iOS 11 includes 'Smart Invert' that will invert most of the screen across the operating system, but allow images and videos to remain unaltered (that's the 'smart' bit). By default, Safari will invert all images on a website when Smart Invert is enabled, which is a bizarre design decision.

It's Me!

However, you can change this by adding the following CSS to your website:

@media (inverted-colors) { img, video { filter: invert(100); } }

Note that including 100 in the invert function is important for compatibility with CSS compilers such as SASS.

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