Martin Porcheron


I regularly assist in the teaching of undergraduate Computer Science students at the University of Nottingham.

2015-16 Academic Year

G51SYS: Lab demonstrator for a 1st-year module, Systems and Architecture, which covers the implementation of various computing systems work, ranging from ARM assembly through to how the Internet is constructed.
G51CSF: Lab demonstrator for a 1st-year module, Computer Fundamentals, which gives a basic understanding of the fundamental architecture of computers and computer networks.
G51PGP: Lab demonstrator for a 1st-year module, Programming Paradigms, helping teach the basic principles of the object-oriented and functional approaches to programming, using the languages Java and Haskell.
G52CPP: Lab demonstrator for a 2nd-year module, C++ Programming.
G53MDP + G54MDP: Lab demonstrator for a 3rd-year and a 4th-year module, both focusing on Mobile Device Programming (specifically, design and implementation of Android applications).

2014-15 Academic Year

G51CSA + G51PRG: Tutor/Preceptor, lab demonstrator and exam/coursework marker for two 1st-year modules that introduce Computer Systems Architecture (e.g. binary, logic, ARM etc) and Programming (in C).
G52OSC + G52CPP: Lab demonstrator, exam, and coursework marker for two 2nd-year modules, Operating Systems and Concurrency, and C++ Programming.
G64ICP + G64IPD: Lab demonstrator for Introduction to a masters-level module, Computer Programming (Python), and a 4th-year module, Introduction to Programming and Development (the latter being the same as the first but with additional content focused on methodologies).

2013/2014 Academic Year

G52GUI: Lab demonstrator for 2nd-year module, Graphical User Interfaces, focusing on the design and implementation of GUIs.