I am a Lecturer in Computer Science, based in the Computational Foundry.

For the 2020/21 academic year, I will be co-ordinating the module CSC371 Advanced Object Oriented Programming, which runs in Teaching Block 2. All course materials will be available on the Canvas course.

Past teaching

In the past at the University of Nottingham, I assisted with the teaching of a number of modules including ethnography and design, binary arithmetic and logic, Java (advanced), C/C++ (advanced), Python (introductory), and Android (advanced).

Student projects

I am open to supervising fourth year students (UG/PGT) in the 2020/21 academic year. Students should be broadly interested in human-computer interaction and/or user experience design. A number of project ideas include:

  • Literature review of practices for designing voice/”conversational” user interfaces—this review could focus on specific issues such as accessibility or be broader in emphasis
  • User study and evaluation of a voice or chatbot-based ‘interactive AI’ (e.g. Amazon Echo Skills, Google Home, virtual humans, robotics etc) in specific setting or for a specific task such as shopping, meeting scheduling, or supporting coordination between remote workers etc.
  • User study to compare different interfaces (e.g. you could simulate different voice or chat interfaces using the “Wizard of Oz” method) to compare the experience with different approaches or qualities (e.g. comparing different styles of voice feedback etc).

These are not exclusive ideas, but rather areas that could be seen fit into your own specific idea. I am open to combinations with other disciplines. For example, if you have an ML topic and are interested in the user experience aspect of how users interact with the algorithm, then this is may be a viable project for me to supervise.

Where possible, I encourage students to think about how their work might translate into an academic publication.

If you are interested in a undertaking your project with me and would like to chat, please contact me.