A photograph of Martin Porcheron

I am a Computer Science Lecturer at the Swansea University Computational Foundry. My research is in the areas of human-computer interaction and computer-supported cooperative work.

My recent work focuses on the user experience of interactive “AI” systems—from voice interfaces through to robot interfaces. In my PhD, I also studied public places like cafés and pubs, to understand how we use devices like smartphones while we are socialising.

On this website I maintain a fairly up-to-date list of my current and past research projects. You can also browse and download my publications. Alternatively, Google Scholar has a relatively accurate personal bibliography. I periodically blog about my research here too.

I was recently involved in the organisation of the Halfway to the Future symposium as a General Chair (with Treasurer, Registration, and Communications responsibilities). I am a member of the Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) conference Steering Committee, Program Co-Chair for CUI 2020, Showcases Co-Chair for CUI 2021, and an Associate Chair for the ACM CSCW conference.