Martin Porcheron

Researcher at the University of Nottingham

Welcome to my website

Hello, my name is Martin and this is my website. I’m a UK-based researcher, currently at the University of Nottingham, currently undertaking impact work related to my PhD in interdisciplinary Computer Science (which I'm currently writing up).

Before my PhD, which I began in October 2013, I completed a four-year MSci in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Nottingham and graduated in the first class. My PhD research is focused around how to better support mobile device use in collocated interactions, and I recently have published a paper on how mobile devices are used in pub talk and how we use systems like Siri or Google Now around friends when socialising. I currently research how we use smart devices like the Amazon Echo in the home.

I am member of the Mixed Reality Laboratory in the School of Computer Science and am supervised by Joel E. Fischer and Sarah Sharples. During my PhD, I undertook an internship at the Mads Clausen Institute, at the University of Southern Denmark, under the supervision of Andrés Lucero. I am supported by the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training (RCUK Grant No. EP/G037574/1) and by RCUK’s Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute (RCUK Grant No. EP/G065802/1).

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