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Researcher at the University of Nottingham

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This website only directly collects minimal user information (such as IP address, page requests, etc.). This log data is automatically stored on servers in the UK and the USA, is never shared or published, and is deleted after a short period.

However, the website does use a free service, Google Analytics, to assist in visitor counting and traffic analysis. You should review Google’s Privacy Policy for more information on how Google treats the data it collects. Google Analytics has been configured to anonymise the IP addresses it collects. Google maintains a webpage of cookies set by Google Analytics.

This website also uses a free service, Facebook Comments Plugin, to allow users to post comments on blog posts. You can read Facebook's Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy on its website.

This website sets one cookie, viewed_cookie_bar, which is set when the cookie information bar is dismissed by the user. This cookie is configured to be set for ten years, and hides the cookie information bar on subsequent page visits. The link to this page from the information bar is permanently included on every page of the website at the bottom.

There is no advertising on this website.

If you wish to opt-out of the Google Analytics cookies, you can install the official Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Facebook does not provide such a browser plugin, however. Alternatively, you could install a third-party browser extension such as Ghostery that will automatically block many different tracking systems on all websites and can block both Google Analytics and Facebook Comment Plugin cookies. Note that this will inhibit you from seeing and posting comments on this website, however.

Last Updated: 24th October 2017

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