Privacy and cookies information

This information was last updated 2021-10-29 11:24:34 +0100.


There is no advertising on this website or monetisation of traffic.


This website uses Cloudflare Web Analytics to count visitor numbers and page views. Cloudflare states that:

Cloudflare Web Analytics does not use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics. We also don’t “fingerprint” individuals via their IP address, User Agent string, or any other data for the purpose of displaying analytics.

Last checked: 25th July 2021

Collection of personally identifiable information

No personally identifiable information is collected by this website owner, although this website is hosted by GitHub, on GitHub Pages, which is owned by Microsoft. The GitHub Privacy Statement says:

GitHub may collect User Personal Information from visitors to your GitHub Pages website, including logs of visitor IP addresses, to comply with legal obligations, and to maintain the security and integrity of the Website and the Service.

Content dated: 19th December 2020
Last checked: 25th July 2021

This website does not set any cookies for user tracking.

Embedded content such as YouTube videos specifically requests content without user tracking or cookies.

Content Delivery Networks

This website uses Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to ensure you can access the website and its resources quickly.

Adobe Fonts is used to provide custom font support. Adobe collects mandatory information about the use of fonts as part of its billing process, and to monitor service performance only. As a result, it is not possible to opt-out of this. Privacy information about Adobe Fonts is available from this Adobe webpage:

In providing the Adobe Fonts service for websites, we do not set or use cookies in order to serve our fonts. … To provide the Adobe Fonts service for websites, Adobe may collect information about the fonts being served to your website. The information is used for the purposes of billing and compliance and may include the following:

  • Fonts served
  • Web Project ID
  • Web Project JavaScript version (string)
  • Web Project type (string “configurable” or “dynamic”)
  • Embed type (whether you are using the JavaScript or CSS embed code)
  • Account ID (identifies the customer the Web Project is from)
  • Service providing the fonts (e.g., Adobe Fonts)
  • Server serving the fonts (e.g., Adobe Fonts servers or Enterprise CDN)
  • Hostname of page loading the fonts
  • The amount of time it takes the web browser to download the fonts
  • The amount of time it takes from the web browser downloading the fonts until the fonts are applied
  • Whether or not an ad blocker is installed to help identify whether the presence of an ad blocker affects accurate pageview tracking
  • OS and browser version

Content dated: 15th June 2020
Last checked: 29th October 2021

Cloudflare is used to optimise image and page delivery. Cloudflare may place a cookie in your browser to provide its services—this is a technical cookie and thus you cannot opt out from it. You can read more these cookies on this Cloudflare support document:

The __cflb, __cf_bm, __cf_ob_info and __cf_use_ob, and __cfwaitingroom cookies are strictly necessary to provide the services

Content dated: 1st July 2021
Last checked: 25th July 2021

If you have questions about anything above, please do not hesitate to contact me.